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Claims and return form

The deadline for complaints is one work day after received delivery.
Complaints submitted after this will not be approved.
For deliveries that are made the day before holidays or weekends, the next work-day will apply.
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*When claims type «breakage» is selected, a picture must be attached

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CCEP is the contact point for all complaints relating to all CCEP products. Return of goods after deadline will not be accepted, except returns agreed with CCEP-sales rep. In situations where the return of salable goods is approved by CCEP (applies to: order error, wrong delivery or pre agreed return) the customer will be credited for these products, given that the goods are in sealed packaging (d-pack’s), clean, dry, and with good expiration date (according to STAND). The customer is responsible for ensuring that all returned goods are in accordance with what is stated to CCEP and that re-sellable goods are in accordance with the described standard. If this is not adhered to, the customer would not be credited for the goods. If the claim is a breakage a description must be put on the freight letter upon delivery. If breakage is discovered after delivery a picture of the goods must be sent with the claim.